The Triumphs and Troubles of Couple-Preneurship with April Kramer

September 13, 2018

April Kramer is the Founder and CEO of Apple Pie Painting. She was born and raised in Kansas City, and has been an artist since she was just a small kid. She has won national awards in various art competitions, and recently had her work displayed at the Atomic Design Studio during First Fridays

in the KC Crossroads. She studied business briefly through an online university, although she credits most of her skills and knowledge to good old fashioned experience, and YouTube. She also worked in small business management positions for nearly 12 years before stepping out of the business world, and exploring options in a more fulfilling role. She is passionate about bringing friends and families together to enjoy quality time through art She hopes one day to bring that joy to people worldwide. In her free time, April loves to spend quality time with her 2 step-children and husband having family game and movie nights.

Learn more about her company at www.ApplePiePainting.com.

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