Hosted by the CEO of Lillian James Creative, Aaron Fulk, The Cocktail Hour Podcast inspires and highlights women in business that are doing things that benefit society and go against the status quo. This program touches on topics that women in business battle with or are afraid to talk about. Each episode’s guest shares ideas and concepts that are designed to motivate, inspire and challenge today’s businesswoman.

Aaron dreams big for her clients, which is her favorite part of her job as head of a startup Kansas City advertising agency. She loves growing a company that focuses on helping other businesses, while at the same time, providing a welcoming, family-first work environment — a great place to work where employees have the power to control their advancement and worth. Aaron’s many years in marketing and sales have been her greatest education, and her breadth of knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing marketing space ensures that the work we do for our clients gets them the results that they need.

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