How to Live Your Inspired Purpose Daily with Sarrah Chapman

August 30, 2018

Sarrah Chapman experienced the divorce of her parents as a child, and always played the role of peacekeeper at the expense of her own feelings. This led her to suicidal thoughts and depression that followed her for years. Over time she found herself settling for a normal life, a corporate job and a social life

, but it just wasn’t enough. Sarrah eventually listened to the voice of her soul and decided to be true to herself. She now specializes in helping entrepreneurs find their gifts, their purpose, and recognize what makes them unique. She uses her Secret Advantage System to assist her clients in learning to apply their distinctive gifts in business, and move beyond all that’s blocking them from creating the fullest expression of themselves. Sarrah received a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and worked in corporate sales and marketing before leaving to start her own business and follow her lifelong passions of energy work, natural therapies, and spiritual practice.

Learn more about Sarrah at her website, SoulAbundanceIQ.com.

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