Fit, Fab and Forty with Hailee Bland-Walsh

December 12, 2019

Born and raised in the greater Kansas City area, Hailee Bland-Walsh, returned to the Midwest in large part to contribute to a community that welcomes entrepreneurs to pursue their passions. Hailee spent eight years in the San Francisco area honing her fitness and business acumen and then upon her return to Kansas City took her passion, drive, and expertise to the next level with the opening of City Gym KC in 2011.

Over the course of eight plus years, membership has grown 50% each year, with over 2,000 members to date. City Gym—Waldo, underwent a $250,000 expansion in January 2014 and currently has 11,600 square feet of space.

City Gym KC employs 60 full and part time employees, as well, as 15 personal trainers including Hailee herself. City Gym KC has been named “Waldo’s Best” twice by the Waldo Business Association, “Best Studio” by KC Fitness Magazine and was awarded, “25 Under 25” by Thinking Bigger Business. Personal accomplishments include, Hailee being named, “Best Female Trainer in KC” by KC Fitness Magazine and “Best Trainer” by KC Magazine, twice. Hailee was named to the 2017 class of, “Women Who Mean Business.”

In addition to her work with City Gym, Hailee is an entrepreneurial consultant working with individuals and companies looking to grow themselves and their businesses. Hailee is also an engaging speaker on topics ranging from fitness to company culture.

Hailee was a Division I student-athlete at the University of Minnesota in soccer. After time in the professional ranks, Hailee turned her attention to her true calling – connecting people to their best selves through healthy lifestyles.

Hailee drives to break barriers as one of only a handful of female gym owners in the nation. The creation of City Gym KC has been one of Hailee’s greatest accomplishments so far, yet her work is not done.

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