Being a woman business owner in the freight industry with Jy Maze

January 9, 2020

Jy’Juan Maze (better known as Jy) is the President of Maze Freight Solutions. She has been in transportation and supply chain management for over 10 years. Her sales success with large and small companies, along with the lack of diversity in the industry, led to the founding of Maze Freight Solutions in 2017. The company, which emphasizes integrity, quality, and superior customer service, has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception.Prior to founding Maze Freight Solutions, Jy worked as a Freight Broker for Freightquote.com, an award-winning software-based freight solutions company. For half of her almost decade long career there, she led the sales team and still holds the record for highest full truckload freight sales. Her resiliency and keen ability to connect with, and solve the problems of her customers continues to contribute to her success.

Jy Maze LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jy-maze-0a23a8156/

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